14 Things We Learned About Rishi Rich on Talking Music

He’s been around for decades, yet somehow, he’s managed to sound fresh and different with each song. Rishi Rich pretty much invented the fusion of hip-hop and bhangra, and introduced the world to artists like Jay Sean and Juggy D. Kirthi Shetty got Talking Music with Rishi, and learned what he was up to, how he got his start, and what he has in store for us with Gully Boy.  

1. Rishi Rich, LLB.

Rishi confessed that if he weren’t a musician, he would’ve either been a lawyer or a computer engineer. Wait… there’s more. He’s been a chess player for 20 years. So there are other career avenues for him for sure!

2. Geniuses Start Early.

Rishi started learning the harmonium at the age of 3. At 3, the writer of this blog post was learning nursery rhymes.

3. He Got His First Job at 13.

Rishi walked up to a neighborhood studio and played them his music. They were so impressed by him that they asked him to come around after school, work part-time, and learn more about producing music.

4. He Did Remixes Before They Were Mainstream.

At 18, he created a group called 2 Cool, which created remixes of classic tracks with Kumar Sanu.

5. Learning Never Stops.

Rishi might be an established producer himself, but he feels there’s always room for improvement. That’s why he went to L.A. to master his craft with Teddy Reilly. Teddy is the mastermind behind Michael Jackson’s hits like Dangerous.

6. Rishi Lets His Music Do the Talking.

Rishi was never crazy about being seen in videos. He lets his music do the talking. Just 9 months into making Dance with You (Nachna Tere Naal): a major music label signed him up, he was invited to MTV Music Awards in India, and the song itself was featured in Katrina Kaif‘s film Boom.

7. He Doesn’t Let Producers Dictate His Music.

Rishi is okay with any brief a producer gives him, but will always put his own spin on the final track.

8. Rishi Grew Up Listening to Everyone. No, Really.

Michael Jackson, Anu Malik, Nadeem-Shravan, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, R.D. Burman, The Notorious B.I.G. – Rishi Rich grew up listening to everything from Bollywood to hip-hop, and the vast influence can be seen in his global fusion sound.

9. Sit Down, Be Humble.

Rishi Rich got into the music scene for the love of music. He’s okay if no one recognizes him on the streets. He doesn’t want the biggest digs or the slickest car. As long as he can put a roof over his head, and look after his mum, he’ll happily continue working on his music. Son goals, and music goals. Isn’t this man an inspiration?

10. He’s Working on Some Big Projects.

Rishi is excited to work on the music for Gully Boy – Zoya Akhtar’s new film covering Mumbai’s hip-hop scene, featuring rising stars like Naezy and Divine. He’s also kicked about Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass, Sunny Deol’s new film. We can’t wait to hear what he has in store.

11. Music Moves In Cycles.

Rishi remembers how indie music was once licensed for films. As the indie scene grows again, he feels Bollywood will once again turn to indie musicians for fresh sounds.

13. Remix Scene

Kirthi observed that Rishi sees the upside to everything. Rishi says that remixes only do good for the industry by introducing an old song again, and creating a new army of followers for old-school rockstars.

14. Rishi Rich Doesn’t Approve of Kirthi’s Singing.

As good as Kirthi is at interviewing, he’s that bad at singing 😂

If you want a dive deep into all these stories, just tune in to the new episode of Talking Music!

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